Check Printer+

If you can't get the app to print, we have compiled a few guidelines:

1. Is your printer WiFi ?
If not, this may help: Google Cloud Print setup.
You will be able to print to Cloud Print. You just need to set this up to print through your PC.

2. If the printer is WiFi, is it on the same network as your phone ?
Check out if WiFi is activated, and connected to the same network as the printer.

Say you have a WiFi printer, and never printed with it. You can test it by opening Chrome,

1. go to a web site,

2. click the vertical ellipse at the upper right corner Vertical ellipse

3. Select "Share..."

4. Click Print

After a few seconds, the print preview will appear. You can then decide which pages to print.

If it prints fine from Chrome, but not from Check Printer+, what kind of error are you getting ?

To contact us, click the green envelope, in the upper right corner.

Thank you.

Mitch Bujard

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